Gospel Poverty is a charism of the Common Friars. Below is an excerpt from our Rule of Life that explains our current understanding of what that means. 

 We are called to a life of gospel poverty.  Jesus asks us to take nothing and to sell everything, and he reminds us that we cannot serve both God and wealth.  For each of us, this is a difficult task and a slow conversion.  Poverty is a difficult word, ridiculous to the wealthy and poor alike.  We must acknowledge the sin of greed and its counterpart, abject poverty. We must realize the desire to consume damages our ability to love. We must be a witness of gospel poverty while working through the ensuing difficultly with honestly and integrity.

 For us the friar moves slowly towards giving everything, trusting in the order and the grace of God.  This takes years for anyone to consider.  An individual must slowly learn to consider the lilies of the field over the desire to consume.  Gospel poverty has to be the product of joy rather than compulsion. For the order, poverty means that we must not fall into the trap of pursuing collective wealth. Instead the order must always invest in people, in ministry, and in place, always leaning towards precarity.

Common Friars Rule of Life, Poverty 2010


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