Here is a list of links to friends, organizations, and supporters of the Common Friars and the Good Earth Farm.

The Diocese of Southern Ohio

The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio has been supportive and formative to the Common Friars in establishing a new monsatic order. Please visit this site to learn more about the Episcopal Church and their presence in Southern Ohio.

The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

The Common Friars receive status as a non-profit organization through the Church of the Good Shepherd as well as receive abundant support and encouragement.

Community Food Initiatives (CFI)

Community Food Initiatives (CFI) is an Athens, OH non-profit that works to increase local food security and self-reliance. The Common Friars donate fresh produce to CFI’s Donation Station, who then distribute the produce to food pantries and shelters throughout Athens County.

Athens Farmers Market

Athens Farmers Market is a vibrant community gathering place that promotes sustainable agriculture and healthy, locally grown food.

Ohio University

Many students of Ohio University (OU) come to Good Earth Farm to volunteer and explore sustainable living, agriculture, and the farm’s many differences from academia.

Athens County

The Good Earth Farm and the Common Friars find a home in Athens County, which offers the beauty and the struggles of Appalachia.

Athens News article about Nelsonville Community Center

This is an article about the Nelsonville Community Center, one of the places where the Common Friars donate fresh produce.