It was in college that I began to explore ideas of living close to the land, embracing community, and committing to “place”. I was blessed to find a partner in Paul, and together we have explored life on various farms in various locations. We were contemplating the many directions we could take when Athens, Ohio called to us from Virginia. After a time in Circleville, Oh, Paul and I made a leap of faith in the summer of ’08 when I was hired as a full-time writing/English/lit instructor at Hocking College and felt confident that we could make Athens our home. I’ve been inspired constantly by our work as I look around me and see beautiful, positive, and equally-inspired individuals who also share in our commitment to love one another and to follow our calling in the world. Since then, I’ve split my time between the college and the farm with joy and excitement.

Articles written by Sarah for  Altar & Table.

The Clothesline

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