The Common Friars want the Good Earth Farm to be a place of learning. Whether it is home school students carding wool, seminary students participating in prayer and study, or youth groups weeding in the garden, the farm offers a space to learn about food, faith, and farming. We welcome people of all ages to come and learn and teach us in return. We want to cultivate relationships for learning in a variety of areas. We also recognize that sometimes people just need a space to learn, retreat, and reflect. We want to be able to offer space for that as well.

Each of these initiatives represent a relationship with a person, several people, or a group of people. Our efforts to share what we know about food, faith, and farming is largely about spending time with people. As such the focus, goals, and accomplishments of these initiatives vary greatly. We have no standard program to offer anyone, but we do welcome anyone who wants to explore a formative relationship to contact us. We do not claim to be experts in any field, but we believe we can learn from one another.

Below are several areas of education we are currently involved in:


Many individuals have or are currently involved in internships with the GEF. These internships vary in regards to educational level and focus. We have been able to provide internships for academic credit to a high school student, several college students, and a seminary student. The internships have a different focus depending on the student. Since the farm offers a learning context for many areas, we can work with the individual to design an internship that meets their needs. Read some reflections from our interns below.

            Emma’s Story

            Kelley’s Story

Summer 2012 Stories

Class Projects, Photography & Journalism

 The Good Earth Farm has also proven to be an outlet for undergraduate and graduate students of Ohio University who have used the farm as a setting for interviews, photography, and articles.Contact us if you are interested in an interview, farm tour, or a setting for a project.

Campus Ministry

The Common Friars have partnered with the Church of the Good Shepherd to establish a presence on the Ohio University campus. We welcome OU students to participate in the various activities at the farm each week, including the Saturday Eucharist and Saturday volunteer days and daily prayer.

Church and Youth Groups

During the summer months, the GEF hosts church and youth groups for weekend or week-long visits. The groups camp out at the farm and participate in the prayer and work schedule. Group discussions about: discipleship in today’s world, sustainable agriculture,renewable energy, and Appalachia and economics.

For more information about bringing a group to visit us, please view our Visit page for a sample schedule, requested donations, etc.