Dear Friends and Supporters,

     As many of you may know, the Common Friars have been discerning their future for the past two years. This prayerful and disciplined process has led us to the decision that we are no longer called to a life together as a religious community. Thanks to our discernment process, this decision, in the end, was not a hard one. We know the spirit is leading us in different directions. We are grateful for our lives in community over the past five years. While our life together as a religious community has come to a close, the spirit of this place and the work of the Good Earth Farm will live on under the direction of Kelly Latimore.
Our end is not due to conflict or money, but simply a realization that the tides have shifted for us as individuals. Sarah and Paul’s lives have changed dramatically since they started the farm in 2008. They have a child and are overjoyed to announce another one on the way. Between children of their own and retired parents in the area, their focus has greatly shifted from intentional community to family. For this and several other reasons, Sarah and Paul have recently decided to move off the farm and start a farm/homestead/small business.

     Kelly will stay on and lead the Good Earth Farm in new and exciting directions. Kelly suddenly has an enormous amount of work ahead of him. New relationships and new discernment about the future of the farm are all ahead of him while he looks for part-time work in Athens. It is Paul’s hope to continue to work with him in whatever way Kelly finds helpful.
Tom Fehr’s example will be a guiding one. Tom moved off the farm to the rectory at Grace Church Pomeroy on March 1st. Since then, Tom has continued to be an integral member of the Common Friars and contributor to our mission. His ministry at Grace has continued to deepen, and while our decision will be the end of an important chapter, Tom’s ministry and relationships will continue to carry the spirit of the Common Friars.

Please keep us all in your prayers. Know that we are extremely grateful for all that has been given to us and for all that we have been able to share. And please continue to follow/support/advise the work Kelly will take on here at the farm.

In Christ,
The Common Friars

Paul and Sarah Clever
Tom Fehr
Kelly Latimore

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